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Since 2003, expert plastic surgeon Dr.Richard joined now by Dr.Chayut Fungtongjararoen have been recommending injections of the highest quality FDA approved Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring liquid found in the body.

Their method has been proven successful for more than 3,000 patients and continues to gain popularity because of patient satisfaction and ease. .

• Excellent safety record.
• No cutting or bleeding (only injections).
• Local, not general, anesthesia.
• Short treatment time (within 60 minutes).
• No scarring (as opposed to open surgery).
• A fast return to your usual sexual activity.
• Long-lasting and substantial size gains.
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Answer the questions below to see if Penis enlargement is right for you.

Dr. Richard Diacakis plastic surgeon and leading authority on penoplasty & founder HE Clinic Bangkok

The #1 Method from France

Did you know that you can now increase your penis size by 30% or more within 60 minutes?

...Non-invasive procedure
...Proven to be 100% safe & effective
...confidentiality guaranteed.

A revolutionary method developed in Europe that can increase your penis girth by 2.5cm or more and increases length 2cm or more when flaccid is now available in Bangkok.

✓ Gain more stimulation during intercourse.
✓ Satisfy and sustain your partner.
✓Can help reduce premature ejaculation.
✓ No more hiding under the towel.
✓ Dramatically boost your sex life.
Excellent Safety Record

Long-lasting and substantial size gains with a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Quick and Easy

No cutting or bleeding (only injection) with minimal pain and discomfort at the clinic.


Inexpensive treatment compared to orthodox methods that require an open surgery.

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All penises were not created equal.

But now there is a way that has helped thousands of men feel more confident and give’s them the size to satisfy their partners 100%.

Before and After

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Welcome to the He Clinic for Him

Thailand’s First Men’s Health & Lifestyle Clinic

The He Clinic for Him is dedicated to enhancing your life, inside and out, through aesthetic treatments and procedures developed exclusively for men.

The cornerstone of our approach was laid more than 20 years ago in Paris and today features perfected techniques, deep know how and use of the highest-quality products in a luxurious, comfortable environment offering 100% confidentiality.

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Meet the doctors

Dr. Richard Diacakis

The founder and visionary behind the HE Clinic, who graduated at the top of his class from the world-famous University of Nice, Souissigne and now with 20 years of practical experience has made him one of the best in the world.

Dr. Chayut Fungtongjararoen

His determination and work ethic were apparent from early on. Dr. Chayut’s client etiquette has earned him a ranking as one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the kingdom. He has mastered the art of penoplasty and was trained in Paris by Dr. Diacakis, who he met in 2014 at an aesthetic medicine meeting in Paris.
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Complete Confidentiality

It’s understandable that men prefer to keep their sex lives and personal health issues private. The He Clinic is absolutely discreet. We limit our appointments so every patient is taken to a private room immediately upon arrival. Your personal information and assessment results are kept in a secure database. Each patient is assigned a trained medical counselor who helps select the best-possible solution. Counselors will answer all your questions regarding the examination, assessment and prescribed treatments. Our counselors will continue to be available to address any questions after your appointment.


Your satisfaction is our goal. For that reason, we work directly with the leading authorities at our new, modern clinic in Bangkok. We provide a discreet location where you can feel comfortable for a full makeover of mind and body. Our mission is to help you, as a successful man, be the best you can be.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no scarring, unlike after open surgery.
Penoplasty has no negative effects on erections.
Waiting one week is recommended.
90% of patients agree that both performance and satisfaction improved.
Injecting the best quality FDA approved Hyaluronic acid filler painlessly

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  • Thank you Dr. Chayut! My life has changed dramatically since I decided to get a penis enlargement. It's hard to imagine how it was before. I wouldn't want to go back. The service was excellent from start to finish. Thanks again.

    Richard, 52 years old, 16/3/2017
  • I have always been OK in the length department. My friend told me about the penoplasty procedure. He explained to me that that length is not what woman want, they want girth. So, I made the call! I spoke with a Doctor there and he told me to come in for a private and discreet consultation. WOW, what a difference my sex life is now. The orgasms my women experience now are earth shattering. Thank you He Clinic for making me a new man.

    Garret, 56 years old, 1/2/2017
  • Before I was very neurotic: my penis was 9 cm in circumference. My long-time friends did not tell me anything but I felt that there was some bad feeling from them. I was ashamed each time I made a new conquest and had to act. After several months of celibacy, I decided to contact Dr. Diacakis for a penoplasty. I wanted a new start, to regain confidence when I met new women. The operation, not painful, went very well. The doctor was very attentive and very professional. Today my penis is 12 cm and I feel more secure in myself. I do not regret anything!

    Franck, 31 years old, 18/11/16
  • Following a complex that I have always had, one of my friends told me about Dr. Diacakis, because he himself was one of his patients. I went to see him to have an injection penoplasty. Dr. Richard immediately advised me as to how it should be. He is a person of competence and very human. I am very happy with the result, even better than I could have believed!!Thanks to Doctor Richard for changing my life.

    Julien, 34 years old, 09/10/16
  • Thank you Doctor Chayut. I was operated on in January 2016 and since then my life has changed! Fast support, very pro, no pain and an incredible result! I recommend.

    Lilian, 44 years old, 14/03/16
  • From my adolescence, it was something that bothered and worried me a lot. Since the operation, I have forgotten how bad the problem was. I have no complex and I can be 100% myself. A success!

    Vincent, 33 years old, 05/02/16
  • I went from 10 cm of circumference to 12 cm. Before I was really neurotic for a long time. I was unmarried because I was ashamed. Now I feel more virile and I am no longer afraid of having new conquests. I can finally take advantage of my youth! Thank you Doctor Richard!

    Enzo, 27 years old, 26/01/16

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